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Real Estate Agents whose clients have worked with Blue Nest Home helping them sell.

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Who is your real estate agent?

Blue Nest Home works closely with many area real estate agents. We find that clients who already have a real estate agent have successful sales. So we always ask, “who is your real estate agent?” We partner with these agents as a trusted professional service that can help you get your home on the market. We will work with your agent to make sure your house is ready to sell. Below you will find a list of real estate agents whose clients have worked with us in the past. Blue Nest Home does not endorse any specific real estate agent or company.

Want to learn more about Blue Nest Home estate sale service and how we work with real estate agents? Check out this blog post.

Agents whose clients have worked with us.

Catherine Arlen-Windermere 

Rod Blackburn -Bremerton Real Estate Company

Nick Blickhan-Windermere  

Ruth DeMille – Sotheby’s International Realty

Theresa Doherty-Windermere 

Jim Freeman– Silver Bridge Senior Transitions

Susan Grosten– Windermere

Kathi Reid– ReMax

Cari Shumaker– The Shumaker Group

Jill Wallen-Sterling Property Group 

Wendy Wardlow-John L Scott

Jennie Wetter-Infinity Real Estate 

Testimonial from real estate agent giving blue nest home a 5 star review

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