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We can’t guarantee you will make money.  The goal of an estate sale/online auction is typically NOT to make money.  The goal is to recoup SOME of the money it costs to clear the contents of the home.  The biggest asset is the home itself.  The quicker we can clear the contents and clean the home, the faster you can get your home on the market. 

While we can give you a general idea based on knowledge we have gained through past sales, Blue Nest Home employees are not appraisers.  The value of your items is determined by the attendance of the buyers who bid on your items.  All items start with a bid of $1.00, regardless if the items are worth $0.25 or $1,000+. A bidding war between two or more buyers drives the selling price. 

We strongly suggest you start bidding at $1.00 for every item. This encourages buyers to bid on multiple items and we have found that this creates a very balanced sale.  However, we understand that some items may truly present a need to have a reserve rate; such as a Picasso painting. We do have the means to adjust reserve rates, but this must be discussed prior to the start of the project, as this will greatly affect which auction house we use. 

Typical turn around is 3-6 weeks.  If you have an exact date that the home needs to be cleaned out,  please let us know.  We can usually work backwards with timing to ensure we can meet your goal date.

Every home is different.  We use our past experiences to best gauge the hours needed to sort your home. Because we never know what we will uncover in closets, garages, storage rooms, etc., we give you a wide estimate of hours so there are no surprises.  We work quickly and efficiently and are very respectful of your time and budget. 

Yes! We can sell these items even if they are not running. If they are a licensed item, the title must be free & clear and available for transfer to the new owner. We provide special video marketing for these items at no additional charge.

Yes, before we arrive you can go through your home and bag up garbage or sort through paperwork.  You can group like things together; i.e. linens, china, collectibles, jewelry, etc.  You can dust your knick-knacks and art work.  Throw away items that are not in working order or if you believe there is still value in selling the item, place a post-it note on the item noting its condition. Doing these things can reduce the number of hours we are in your home. HOWEVER: Please note that you do not have to do these things! We are a full-service company.

We contract with an auction house that has a robust online presence, which we feel attracts the most buyers to your sale.  The amount remaining after the paid commission will be applied directly to your Blue Nest Home invoice. If there is money left over, we will send you a check.  If you still owe, we will send you an invoice.

Final invoices are sorted by detailed line item, but the balance will be calculated like the examples below.


It is best if we have a key.  We will make a copy of the key and keep one locked in our office and the other key will be placed in a secured lock-box on your property.  Only our employees assigned to your project will have access to the key.  If you have an alarm code, we will need to know how to disarm & arm your alarm.  If you prefer not to give us a key, you will need to be available to let our team members in.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will keep our eyes out for it, as we catalog your sale.  We love to find lost items and return them to you!

You may pull items from the auction up until we publish the sale.  Once the sale has been published there is a fee for pulling an item.

Call the Blue Nest Home office Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm. 360.551.4831

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