How Do BNH Estate Sale Services Work?

Blue Nest Home organizer in home with estate sale services

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Why Choose Estate Sale Services?

Estate Sales often happen during times of hard transitions. The liquidation of a home can be a stressful, emotional, and time-consuming process. Clearing out a home may not be something that you have time or emotional energy to do in the time frame you need it done in.

Managing the contents of a home can be overwhelming whether you have decided to downsize, or if you are a family member that is responsible for clearing out the home after a loved one has passed away.

Hiring a professional estate sale company is one of the fastest and least stressful ways to clean out a home and get it on the market quickly.  

In almost every situation the real value is in the home and property itself and not the stuff stored inside.

Blue Nest Home knows that in almost every situation the real value is in the home and property itself and not in the stuff stored inside. Therefore the more efficient we are in removing the contents and cleaning the home, the faster our client is able to see a return on their investment. In 28 days or less we can have your home cleaned out and ready for the market.

Blue Nest Home Estate Sale Services

Our services are designed to focus on our clients’ return on investment. We do this by efficiently selling 94% to 96% of their entire inventory, managing the removal of all items that were not sold to include Waste MANAGEMENT, and thoroughly clean the home in 28 days or less. Clients can be as hands-on or off as they desire. Meeting the goals of our clients is our top priority.

Every home is different, so Blue Nest Home always begin our projects with an in-home walk-through consultation. This is where Blue Nest Owner, Sheila meets with you in the home to discuss your needs and expectations. This allows you to get to know each other, view your inventory, and discuss the best way to manage your project. After you meet, Sheila returns to our home office that is located in Silverdale, and puts together an estimate and a proposed schedule.

Your estimate will include a scope of services that details every service that we can provide. It is not an all or nothing package. You can pick and choose what services we handle.

Once you sign on with Blue Nest Home your project is assigned a project lead. Your project lead and a team of Blue Nest Home organizers will come into the home and methodically sort and organize items into lots. Each lot will be cataloged, given a description, photographed, and assigned a lot number. Once the catalog is complete you have the availability to review the catalog, share additional information with us, or request that something not be sold. Once you have okayed the catalog, it is published to the public for an online estate sale. Using a robust marketing approach, the public may bid on individual lots.

Once the auction closes, our team returns, meets the buyers, and ensures items are removed safely from your home. Following the buyer pick up day, if you have elected, we will remove any items that did not sell and we will donate what we can, recycle or send items to the appropriate waste management facility. We follow up with a deep clean of the home to include carpets and windows if this is a service you have selected.

Want to learn more?

Want more details into the estate sale process? Check out this slide presentation given my Blue Nest Home founder and owner, Sheila Perreault. Sheila shows an example of a estimate, talks about what can and can’t be sold and talks more about how the process works.

Still have more questions? You can also check out our FAQ page or you can also call our office Monday- Friday 9:00am-4:00pm at 360-551-4831.

Blue Nest Home Comes Highly Recommended

Blue Nest Home is highly recommended by real estate agents. Agents understand the great value of Blue Nest having this focus on the clients’ return on investment and getting the home ready to sell as quickly as possible.  

Want to hear from past clients? Here are a few testimonial videos from past clients. Thank you to Jim Freeman with Silver Bridge Senior Transitions and to Rod Blackburn with Bremerton Real Estate Company for these videos.

Ready to book with Blue Nest Home? Contact us today!

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