A Clear-Out for Kitsap Animals

Photo of messy house filled with stuff with title of blog a home clear-out donated to Kitsap Humane Society.

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A home clear-out donated to Kitsap Humane Society

This summer Kitsap Humane Society received a generous gift, a home in Kingston Washington. Filled to the brim with treasures and memories it was a time capsule of a life once lived. It was going to be a big job to clear-out and clean, but would greatly impact the low cost spay and neuter program.

So what would Kitsap Humane do with this generous gift? How could they clear-out this home, so they could sell it and raise money to support their mission of caring for animals in need? That’s when a partnership was formed with Blue Nest Home.

An online auction to raise money for animals in need

Together, they hatched a plan to create Kennels to Nests an online auction. Blue Nest Home offered to donate organizing services so that the Kitsap Humane Society didn’t have to spend money to have it cleared out and could also make money on the items that were left in the house.

Home clear-outs costs can add up, especially if the home has a lot of appliances and furniture that needs to go to the dump. We always try to donate good quality items when we can, but something items can not be salvaged. Blue Nest Home wanted to make sure that Kitsap Humane did not need to pay this expense so they could get the most money out of the gift as possible.

Lucky for us Kitsap Junk Removal joined us in this, also donating services to clear-out the home. With their help we were able to clear-out the home quickly to go on the market to be sold to positively impact the community and the lives of animals in need.

Kitsap Humane Society got the word out to their fans, as did Blue Nest Home. Buyers really came out for the animals and the auction did really well. Plus we were able to raise $120.00 that went directly to Kitsap Humane through our Facebook fund raiser. We are happy to say Blue Nest Home was able to hand over a pretty big check!

Thank you to our auction buyers for making this a successful auction and helping Blue Nest Home raise money to support our community.

Here is what Interim Director of Kitsap Humane Society, Jamie Nocula had to say about Blue Nest Home.

This is wonderful!!  Thank you to you and your amazing team and crew of community partners!  We are thrilled with the work and support provided…and will DEFINITELY use you and your services again should the opportunity arise.

-Jamie Nocula
Before and after images of a living room filled with scattered items next to the same room after clear-out and clean.

Online Auction Process

Want to see our team in action? Check out this video to see how the whole online auction processed worked for the Kennels to Nests auction.

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