Top Performing Online Auctions

image of older couple excited about winning online auction with laptop. Top Performing online auctions with blue nest home in Silverdale Washington.

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Want to know what Blue Nest Home’s top performing online auctions look like?

Many of our clients ask if they will make money doing an online auction. Our answer is: it depends, but many of our clients have.

Our average hammer price for online auctions is $8,200.00, with 80% of our clients getting a check from us.

Blue Nest Home has an average sell through rate of 95%. That means we can sell the majority of household items in your home at an online auction, making a home sale easier.

How much your auction will make depends on the amount and quality of items you have. Top selling auctions usually have either a vehicle or a collection. Collections and vehicles will bring in bidders, who will also buy other items. Collections look like having a large inventory of similar items. For example sports memorabilia, antiques, new in box items, mid-century modern, trains, tools, electronics, etc..

Below are links to a few examples of Blue Nest Home past online auctions that were top performers. By browsing our past auctions you can see what does well and what does not. Auctions are a great way to recoup money needed for cleaning out a home before you sell it.

Online auctio

Auctions with Cars

Collage of items for sale as one of Blue Nest Home top selling online auctions. Features a car and household goods.

The auctions linked below did very well because they included cars, plus a good selection of home and garage items.

Auctions with Collections

These auctions did well because they had at least one collection to draw in bidders. They also had a variety of other items to rise the hammer price of the auction. With all of these auctions we were able to clear out a large amount of items within 28 days so our clients could put their homes on the market.

More about Blue Nest Home

Blue Nest Home, located in Silverdale, Washington, is a home organizing and online estate sale company.

We offer professional organizing, estate clear outs and liquidation, consignment auctions, relocation services, and online estate sale auctions to clients in Kitsap County and the surrounding areas including: Bainbridge Island, Belfair, Bremerton, Kingston, Gig Harbor, Hansville, Port Gamble, Port Orchard, Port Ludlow, Poulsbo, and Silverdale.

An organized space and schedule can renew your spirit, clear your mind, and save you valuable time each day. We know it can be stressful and time consuming to figure it all out yourself. Our Professional Organizers are just what you need. We can calm the chaos, clear a path, and tame your schedule. Book a consultation today to find out how we can change your life.

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